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Gorilla WaterStop Protect

• 36686 – 36687 – 36691
• Multiple sizes, white
• Solvent free, protective roof coating
• Fully elastic when cured
• Waterproof & Colourfast
• Will bridge 2mm gaps
• Resistant to UV & temperature variations

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GORILLA WATERSTOP 1000 750g 19388 & 10kg 19393 Fully elastic when cured Long life UV resistant GORILLA WATERSTOP PROTECT Liquid Weatherproofing Membrane Multiple sizes, white Fully elastic when cured Will bridge 2mm gaps Solvent free, protective roof coating Previously Holdfast EMP6 GORILLA BLACKJACK Bituminous Liquid Waterproofer Multiple sizes, black Easy to use Environment friendly Single component, ready to use GORILLA
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