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Holdfast WD-40 Penetrating Oil

WD-40 Penetrating Oil Colour Size Item Code n/a 300gr 72258 Description Holdfast WD-40 Penetrating Oil is a multi-use product with special blend of lubricants. WD-40 contains anti-corrosion agents and ingredients for penetration, water displacement. Features and Benefits Free rust from mechanical parts General purpose lubricant Cleans, producing a corrosion resistant barrier Displaces moisture
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Primers and Activators

Gorilla 696 Surface Activator 500ml Multiple sizes, transparent Easy to use cleaner & primer Use on non-porous surfaces Suitable for silicone, polyurethane & hybrid sealants Gorilla Primer 150 500ml, clear, 20057 Liquid, easy application Suitable for silicones & MS Polymer based sealants & adhesives Gorilla Silicone Spray 400ml, clear, 21611 Lubricates & water repellent Rust & corrosion-resistant Electric insulating Gorilla
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