Gorilla MS plays its part in Foodstuffs North Island Centrepiece

Soudal Business Manager Industrial, Neil Culligan offers an insight into the part played by Gorilla MS in the stunning new Foodstuffs North Island Distribution Centre

When it comes to large scale or should we say “monster scale” (at 8,500 sqm’s of office and 77,500 sqm of warehousing) distribution centres, the last thing conjured up in most of our minds is something with the aesthetic interest and beauty of the recently opened Foodstuffs Centre.

Balanced ever so thoughtfully amongst the lush native grass mounds in the Auckland International Airport precinct, the build conveys excellence with every look.  The demanding requirements for the build didn’t end at the aesthetic and functional, the build itself also had to achieve a Greenstar 5 rating.  This meant it needed to meet exacting standards on among other elements – the VOC rating and its durability performance.  Step up Soudal Gorilla MS!

In total over 1.2 lineal kms of Gorilla MS white was applied on the build by Steve Neame and his team from About Installations. This was specifically to the external façade joints where although low VOC wasn’t a pre-requisite requirement for Greenstar purposes the performance attributes of Soudal Gorilla MS aligned with its low VOC credentials combined to make it a very obvious choice.

Gorilla MS is just one of many solutions we recommend for use on external façade applications.  Contact one of our team to find out more.