Metalex Timber Preservative Aerosol

44000Metalex Timber Preserve Aerosol 400mlClear
44007Metalex Timber Preserve Aerosol 400mlGreen


Metalex Timber Preservative Aerosol is an especially developed wood preservative to assist builders and fencers/farmers to retain the treatment envelope of treated timber after it has been drilled or cut. Ideal for fencing, decking, flooring, garden furniture, pergolas, window trims, gates and many other timber applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Convenient, easy to use, pre-mixed treatment solution
  • Ideal for preserving your timber on the go
  • Prevents against attacks from insects and rot
  • Suitable for soft and hardwoods, rough sawn, dressed, moulded timber, engineered woods and plywood

Technical Documents:

TDS Clear
TDS Green
SDS Clear
SDS Green

More Information:

FAQ on Metalex