Soudal Underbody Protective Coating

20164Soudal Underbody Protective Coating 500ml AerosolBlack
20155Soudal Underbody Protective Coating 1kg Gun GradeBlack


Soudal Underbody Protective Coating is a ready-to-use waterproof coating, which can be applied by an airless gun, or an air pressured gun. It is used to form a protective layer against rush and mechanical abrasion. Protects wheel arches and car underbodies against corrosion.

Features and Benefits:

  • Creates a tough elastic layer with excellent protection against rust, oils, salt and abrasion
  • Sound deadening
  • Can be painted
  • Resistant against water and solvents

Technical Documents:

TDS (20164)
TDS (20155)
SDS (20164)
SDS (20155)