Soudal In-Coat ML Cavity Protection Wax Gun Grade

20172Soudal In-Coat ML Cavity Protection Wax 1kg Gun GradeTranslucent


Soudal Incoat ML Wax is a ready-to-use anti corrosion coating which is applied by airpressured or airless coating equipment. It forms a protective layer inside of cavity areas in cars eg wheel arches, car box sections, etc. General rust protection of machines, machine parts, tools etc.

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains pure wax
  • Forms a permanent, slightly tacky wax coat after drying
  • Cleans, producing a corrosion resistant barrier
  • Deep penetration action
  • Forms a water repellent coating which protects against rust
  • Does not drip
  • High temperature resistance

Technical Documents: