Gorilla PEF Rod 50m

39172Gorilla PEF Rod 6mm x 50mWhite
39171Gorilla PEF Rod 8mm x 50mWhite
39170Gorilla PEF Rod 10mm x 50mWhite
39169Gorilla PEF Rod 13mm x 50mWhite
39164Gorilla PEF Rod 15mm x 50mWhite
39168Gorilla PEF Rod 20mm x 50mWhite
39167Gorilla PEF Rod 25mm x 50mWhite
39166Gorilla PEF Rod 30mm x 50mWhite


Gorilla PEF Rod 50m is used around windows, doors or other penetration openings. It ensures the sealant does not completely fill the cavity. For use with pre-cast concrete slabs and joints between brick and masonry.

Features and Benefits:

  • Controls the correct joint depth
  • Ensures appropriate movement of sealant
  • Complies with ASTM standard as per NZ Building Code
  • Water resistant, no water absorption
  • Available in reels for ease of use