Gorilla Crosslinking PVA

23000Gorilla Crosslinking PVA 250mlWhite (Dries Clear)
23001Gorilla Crosslinking PVA 500mlWhite (Dries Clear)
23002Gorilla Crosslinking PVA 1LWhite (Dries Clear)
23003Gorilla Crosslinking PVA 5LWhite (Dries Clear)
23004Gorilla Crosslinking PVA 20LWhite (Dries Clear)


Gorilla Crosslinking PVA is a fast setting emulsion adhesive, which cures to provide a rapid, high strength bond that is resistant to heat and moisture.

Ideal for finger jointing, edge gluing, veneering, lamination and the post forming of high-pressure laminates to particle- and MDF-board. Recommended for the bonding of multiple materials including carpets, fabrics, foam and textiles to timber, compressed cardboard, Triflex and fibreglass in automotive repair.

Features and Benefits:

  • Rapid, high-strength cure
  • Ideal for bonding MDF
  • Dries clear, ideal for face/edge joinery
  • Heat and water resistance (D3 rating)
  • Suitable for interior and exterior

Technical Documents: