Soudal Silirub Cleanroom Silicone

19313Soudal Silirub Cleanroom Silicone 310mlTitania
20187Soudal Silirub Cleanroom Silicone 600mlTitania


Soudal Silirub Cleanroom Silicone is a high-quality neutral cure, elastic one component silicone sealant with permanent colour, UV-resistant and stays fully elastic after curing.

Soudal Silirub Cleanroom Silicone has very good adhesion on many materials, almost no smell, slow skinning time – therefore ideally suited for long joint runs. Soudal Silirub Cleanroom Silicone has international certification – refer data sheet below. Suitable for sealing cool room and refrigeration sandwich panels in hospitals, laboratories and other critical surroundings, sealing in environments where food is handled and stored (food containers and food industry, etc) and where a versatile sanitary sealant is required.

Features and Benefits:

  • Perfect for hygiene areas
  • Neutral cure
  • NZ UV resistant

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MPI-Non Dairy Maintenance Compound