Gorilla MS Flooring Adhesive

18994Gorilla MS Flooring Adhesive 600mlLight Brown
18999Gorilla MS Flooring Adhesive 6kgLight Brown
18998Gorilla MS Flooring Adhesive 18kg (3x6kg)Light Brown


Gorilla MS Flooring is a ready-to-use water and solvent-free flooring adhesive, which cures by means of a chemical reaction within the adhesive. Once fully cured it forms an elastic and non-shrinking layer.

Suitable for indoor bonding of all types of wooden floors including solid, slab, pre-finished, on-end wooden flooring, wood plank (engineered up to 180mm), wood block, chipboard and laminates. Also effective on floors using under-floor heating.

Features and Benefits:

  • 0% Isocyanates
  • Superior European formulation
  • Resistant to moisture and heat
  • Forms and maintains stable peaks when applied with a notched trowel

Technical Documents: