Gorilla MS Expanding Foam

CodeDescription Colour
20255Gorilla MS Expanding Foam 500mlWhite


Gorilla MS Expanding Foam is the first ”isocyanate free” expanding foam in the world! It is great for filling cavities, mounting and sealing of windows and doorframes, creation of a soundproof screen. Gorilla MS Foam utilizes a moisture-curing system and performs best on moderately wet, porous surfaces (wood, concrete, stone). On non-porous surfaces, the best performance is achieved when the surface is almost dry and when the joint/cavity is not deep (max. 7.5 cm). In the case of a deeper joint/cavity, it is better to fill the gap in two sessions, with a drying/curing time in between.

Features and Benefits:

  • Good adhesion on most substrates
  • High thermal and acoustical insulation
  • Very good filling capacities
  • Excellent stability (no shrink or post expansion)
  • Excellent flow control
  • Reusable for up to 6 weeks

Technical Documents: