Mr Gorilla Graffiti Remover

Code Description Colour
41261 Mr Gorilla Graffiti Remover 500ml Clear
41280 Mr Gorilla Graffiti Remover 500ml Clear


Mr Gorilla Graffiti Remover has been specifically blended to produce a product capable of easily removing graffiti caused by paint, including spray cans and marker pens. This product is very effective in the removal of paint, so where graffiti appears on a pre-painted surface; some of this coating will be removed, along with the graffiti. The solvent blend acts very quickly and has a fast evaporation rate.

Features and Benefits:

  • Effectively removes graffiti from most surfaces
  • User friendly, pleasant citrus odour
  • Non corrosive, water soluble
  • No fumes, non toxic

Technical Documents: