Toptec MS Sealant

Code Description Colour
60000 Toptec MS Sealant 290ml White
60001 Toptec MS Sealant 290ml Grey
60002 Toptec MS Sealant 290ml Black


Toptec MS Sealant is a high performance MS sealant, with superior flexibility, which makes it ideal for expansion joints or joints subject to (high) movement. NZ UV resistant, low VOC content (<32 gram/litre), waterproof,  paintable (with waterbased paints), no bubble formation, no solvent or isocyanates.

Ideal substrates include: Expansion joints in the building industry, sealing of joints in prefabricated buildings, movement joints in high rise constructions, sealing between windows and door frames. Flexible joints in marine and automotive applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible
  • NZ UV resistant
  • Waterproof

Technical Documents:


More Information:

SGS Test Report
Sealant Maintenance and Inspection-MS