Soudal Silirub Industrial Silicone

19324Soudal Silirub Industrial Silicone 300mlGrey
60080Soudal Silirub Industrial Silicone 300mlClear
60081Soudal Silirub Industrial Silicone 300mlWhite


Soudal Silirub Industrial Silicone is a fast curing neutral cure, fully elastic one-component joint sealant based on silicones which meets ISO 11600 F+G 25LM. Low modulus, very easy application, permanent colour, NZ UV ­resistant, fast skin forming and stays elastic after curing.

Ideal substrates include: Building and construction joints, top-sealing at glazing jobs, sealings between treated wood and glass and between PVC and glass.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Industrial grade
  • Neutral cure

Technical Documents:

SDS – White
SDS – Clear & Grey

More Information:

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