Gorilla Tie Downs

49104Gorilla Ratchet S-Hook Tie Down 25mm x 3.5m 4pkGreen
49108Gorilla Autocam Rubberized Tie Down 3.5m 2pkOrange
49109Gorilla Ratchet Tie Down 25mm x 3.5m 2pkYellow
49110Gorilla Ratchet Tie Down 3.5m 2pkYellow
49111Gorilla Ratchet Tie Down 25mm x 3.5mRed
49112Gorilla Cambuckle Tie Down 25mm x 3.5mBlue


Gorilla Tiedowns deliver a solution to ensure every load you transport or carry is restrained in a way that is 100% safe and secure. Delivering peace of mind and a job done well. Gorilla Tiedowns don’t just meet the standards, they smash them. Quite simply they are five star quality.

Features and Benefits:

  • Conforming to AS/NZ4380
  • Delivering superior edge guard protection with ANSO-TEX technology
  • Featuring webbing designed to European specifications
  • Powder coated to prevent rust, scratching and metal cuts
  • Tested to exacting Lashing Capacity requirements

Supporting Documents:

Tie Down Brochure